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The Cute Cafe in Carrboro That’s Stolen My Heart

Napoli has it all: delicious drinks, handmade gelato, fresh pizza and friendly staff!

In September 2018, a new cafe opened up on East Main Street in Carrboro. Every time I’d be on the bus home, I’d look out the window and see the aesthetically-pleasing cafe in all its hipster glory. I knew that I had to go there.

When I finally made my way through the lime green door that leads to Napoli Cafe, my life was changed. They have so many wacky (and tame) gelato flavors to choose from and they all seem to taste good! I tend to play it safe with my desserts but when I first visited Napoli, I decided to try their Thai tea gelato and their chamomile gelato. I was not disappointed.

On my most recent visit to Napoli, I decided to put my statistics homework aside and have a quick chat with the cafe manager instead. Her name is Em, and she’s the smiling face that greets me whenever I go.

Em’s been working at Napoli since the cafe first opened and her favorite thing about it is the fact that no day is the same. “It’s neat meeting different customers and interacting with them, and just getting to know Carrboro better.” The J bus literally stops outside their door, making it really hard for me to ignore it.

I, of course, had to ask Em for some gelato recommendations as well. At the moment, she recommends the tequila lime, the dulce de leche or the Sicilian pistachio gelatos, but Napoli’s flavors are constantly changing. You can keep up with the changes on their Instagram page.

There are a lot of cafes in Carrboro, and I’ve done by best to go to as many as possible, but something about Napoli stands out to me. Perhaps it’s the fact that the cafe only has 6 tables so it’s never too busy, or that I see the same faces whenever I go. Either way, I enjoy being there. It’s the perfect balance of tranquility and social interactivity, and that’s what I need sometimes.

If you’re in the Carrboro area, I’d recommend stopping by for some gelato, a quick bite to eat or even to do some work. Don’t forget to greet Em with a smile, because that’s how she’ll greet you!

I didn’t even get paid for this. I just love the place that much.

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